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Education in Liberia. Credit: GPE/Kelley Lynch
The ONE Campaign’s list of “Toughest Places for a Girl to Get an Education,” released for the International Day of the Girl, shows how urgently developing countries need financial investments to educate girls. Nine of the top 10 countries where girls fail to get life-changing, poverty-busting education are in Africa, and this is a global crisis that perpetuates poverty.


Girls fight for their education despite overwhelming odds
On International Day of the Girl, read the stories of the amazing girls who continue to fight for their education despite enormous challenges.

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A Sea Hawk helicopter performs humanitarian aid operations on the embattled island of Dominica following the landfall of Hurricane Maria. Credit: US Navy
Statement by Alice Albright on the devastation by Hurricane Maria in Dominica
Alice Albright expresses deep concern about the devastation that Hurricane Maria left in the Caribbean, including in Dominica, one of GPE’s partner countries.

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A girl reads a book. She attends the École Communautaire MASINDRAY in Madagascar. Credit: GPE/Carine Durand
Op-ed by Julia Gillard: Closing the education gender gap
In this op-ed, Julia Gillard emphasizes how education can make a big difference in the lives of girls and the people around them. However, despite much progress, 130 million girls worldwide are still out of school, which explains why women struggle more than men to find meaningful, well-paying work, and why the share of women in the global workforce persistently lags behind that of men. GPE is one of the leading catalysts in educating girls: Thanks to GPE funding, 38 million additional girls were enrolled in school across GPE partner countries between 2002 and 2015.


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