Results Report 2015 / 2016

The Results Report 2015/16 highlights progress made during 2016, the first year of GPE's results framework as outlined in GPE 2020, the partnership's strategic plan.

Overall, GPE achieved 16 out of 19 milestones set for 2016. More children in GPE partner countries are in school and completing school, particularly girls and children living in fragile and conflict-affected context - and there are more trained teachers. GPE partner countries have also shown strong initial results in domestic resource mobilization for education and GPE also continues to be the largest international funder of comprehensive, evidence based sector analysis and planning in education – all of which lays the foundation for strong policies and effective education systems.

The report also shows that more progress is necessary in getting children enrolled in pre-primary education, ensuring that girls are not disproportionately affected being out of school and better alignment of GPE grants with national systems.

Brochure on key results

Executive summary

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  • GPE is reaching more children, and more of them are completing primary and secondary school, particularly girls and children living in GPE countries affected by fragility or conflict.
  • Fewer children are out of school in partner countries, but gender parity and preschool enrollment remain lower than anticipated.
  • Partner countries have more trained teachers, reaching an average ratio of 40 students or less per trained teacher.
  • Partner countries are making headway in collecting and reporting education data
  • The GPE model works: more annual sector reviews are inclusive of all partners and meet quality standards.
  • Targets for GPE funding were met from both traditional and non-traditional donors, and the importance of domestic financing was highlighted throughout the year.
  • GPE grants allow countries to reach targets in equity, efficiency and learning, but they must be more aligned to country systems.
  • GPE is building a stronger partnership by sharing knowledge on what works and focusing Secretariat staff time on support to countries
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